Gold Junior Tournament – nominations close Monday!

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Sep 232017

The annual Littlehampton Junior ranking points tournament is being held from Monday 9th October to Friday 13th October at Anembo Park.

Registrations are now open and close at 11.59pm this Monday 25th September. It is a Gold level tournament and  there will be 18’s and under, 16’s and under, 14’s and under, 12’s and under and 10’s and under in both boys and girls singles and doubles events. 

This will be a great opportunity to get some competition practice in before our season starts.

To register go to Tennis Australia and search for tournaments or login with your tennis account and go to the tournaments tab.
Contact Sue Hutson 0421 705 302 or Ann Langman 0431 482 035 for further information.



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Tennis SA staffing changes

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Sep 212017

Hi Presidents and Secretaries,


I am pleased to inform that I am your new Participation Leader and I will be your first point of call for any matter relating to our programs and services.


I would also like to take opportunity to inform that Tennis SA welcomes our latest staff member to the Participation Team, Matthew Fitzgerald, who will be leading the Participation Team as the Participation Manager. At the same time, the Participation Team has also done a review on the PLs’ regions and has re-allocated the respective PL’s regions.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone 0466 572 424 or by email (, and I look forward to meeting you and your committee.


Thank you and have a great week ahead.


Best regards,


FYI, the Participation Team is:

·       Matthew Fitzgerald (Participation Manager) – SDTA, GDTA and Fleurieu Peninsula Region

·       Anne-Marie Handke – WDTA, NETA, Mid North, Barossa and Riverland Regions

·       MT Smith – EDTA, Eyre Peninsula, Upper North and Yorke Peninsula Regions

·       Egon Loh – Lawn Clubs and Tennis Seniors, Hills, Murraylands and South East Region



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Farewell MT – Tennis SA staffing changes

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Sep 212017

Hello everyone


To all of the clubs and Associations I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with since I started at Tennis SA, this is farewell.  Staffing changes within Tennis SA has seen me moved to look after the Yorke Peninsula, Northern and West Coast region.


I have really enjoyed being a part of your tennis world and I thank you for the confidence you have shown in me as your Participation Leader.


Egon Loh will now be your go to man for all things tennis.  As a work colleague Egon has been fantastic in helping me learn my role as he has a wealth of knowledge in the participation space, particularly inclusion and diversity.  I’m sure you will find him very approachable and easy to work with.


Egon’s contact details are: or 0466 572 424


I hope you all enjoy a successful coming summer season both on and off the court.


I’m sure I’ll continue to see many of you around the traps






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‘My Sporting Journey – A Tennis Participant and Athlete Questionnaire’

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Sep 202017


Tennis Australia




Generic Email Header




Hi There,

With the intent of making Tennis in Australia the best it can be, we need your feedback!

Tennis Australia (TA) is working with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) to investigate the factors that contribute to, or inhibit progression of an athlete along the sporting pathway to success.

This is one of the first comprehensive investigations from an athlete perspective to identify the key breakthroughs, challenges, barriers and accelerants to the athlete development pathway. Therefore, we are seeking your input into a range of matters regarding what your experiences have been throughout your sporting journey.

TA will utilise these collective insights to shape the future of tennis in Australia – from grassroots and recreation, through to elite performance, with the aim to provide better, evidence-based programs and services at every level.

On behalf of TA and the AIS, we are inviting athletes to have their say in the ‘My Sporting Journey – A Tennis Participant and Athlete Questionnaire’.

You are eligible to complete this questionnaire if:

  • You have or are currently competing in tennis, or have done so in the last 10 years; and
  • You have or are competing at any level of organised tennis from club, state, national or international.

The questionnaire takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is open for 3 weeks mid-September through to early October and all responses will be auto-saved as you go, so you can return to the questionnaire as many times as you need within that period to complete it.

Please ensure that when prompted within the questionnaire, you select the option of individual sport.

Please note that we recommend the questionnaire to be completed on an iPad, PC or Mac computer

You have the option to include your name and personal details. Please be assured that all names and information provided will remain confidential and the data provided to TA is de-identified, so you can respond openly and honestly. If you do include your personal details, as an appreciation of your time, you will go into the draw to win a $500 EFTPOS voucher or one of three $100 EFTPOS vouchers, but your responses within the questionnaire will not be linked to your personal details.

Please note if you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian is required to print and complete the consent form contained in the questionnaire, and either post it or scan and email it back to the address or email address provided in the questionnaire.

If you have any questions about the questionnaire please contact

Please assist TA in our endeavours to continue to strengthen our great sport for the future!

Craig Tiley
Chief Executive Officer







Private Bag 6060, Richmond South VIC 3122
Melbourne Park
Olympic Boulevard, Melbourne, VIC 3001

T: 1800 752 983


This email was sent to by Tennis Australia
If you are no longer interested in receiving emails from Tennis, please unsubscribe here



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HTA Balls – Your Club’s Balls Are Ready For Collection

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Sep 192017

Dear Clubs,

Thank you for your Club’s ball order – your balls are now ready for collection.

The HTA has an agreement with Slazenger and we buy in bulk for the Association but we pass the balls on to your Club entirely at cost. The idea behind this is that all HTA Clubs benefit from the lowest bulk pricing possible for their balls. Thanks to Slazenger and to Bruce Tucker from Tucker Tennis (SA distributor).

This season we are trialing a new and hopefully more administratively efficient ball distribution process, as follows:

To collect your Club’s balls over the next 14 days or so, please:

  1. Phone Bruce Tucker at Tucker Tennis (08) 8358 0093 and make a time for collection. Bruce has particularly asked that Clubs phone him prior to collection please.
  2. Collect your order from Tucker Tennis at 471 Brighton Rd, Brighton, SA 5048
  3. If for some reason your Club is not able to collect your order from Tuckers or this new collection process does not work for your Club for some reason, please discuss your courier needs with either Bruce or the HTA and we may be able to assist you to make other delivery arrangements.


If your Club finds that it needs a few extra tins of additional balls throughout the season, please feel free to contact Tuckers directly to order and pay for any ‘top up’ orders you may require and these balls will be supplied at the same discount price as your primary order. For Clubs who may be GST registered, if you want a Tax Invoice, please obtain this from Bruce at the time of collection.

All the best for the coming season.

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Sign up to Match Centre now!

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Sep 172017

Hi players, parents and interested onlookers!

If you haven’t already got a login for Match Centre, now is the perfect time to do it! The Summer season begins in about a month, so get yourself signed up and ready to go.

Access to the website will give you all up-to-date match fixtures, venues, results, ladders and statistics.

Senior players especially will need a login this season as no printed programs or scoresheets will be provided by the HTA – all match information will be accessed via

If you’re a newbie to this, we’ve created a simple “How To” document to get you started.

Check it out and get yourself on the system!


pdf icon Match-Centre-Beginners-Guide-HTA.pdf

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HTA Night Tennis – Spring 2017 nominations

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Sep 132017

Dear Clubs,


RE: HTA Night Tennis Spring Team Nominations



Spring’s changeable weather is now upon us: and mid week night tennis isn’t far behind.


The Spring season of night tennis will again be run on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and we propose to kick off on Tuesday 3 October and Wednesday 4 October.


Nominations are to be emailed to by Friday 15 September 2017.


Nominations are being called for Mixed teams of 2 men and 2 women, but as usual we are flexible on composition (especially during the season if players are unavailable and teams need to mix up the gender composition).


To assist programming and grading, teams are asked if they are prepared to play on the alternative night to their preferred night.


Information about 17/18 night tennis and a nomination form are attached. I will also get this up on HTA website. 


If any teams or clubs have “spare” players or not enough players to make a full team, please let us know and we may be able form a composite team.



Best Regards, Rob




xls icon 2017-Spring-Night-Tennis-Nomination-Form_blank.xls
doc icon HTA-Night-Tennis-information-2017-18.doc

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Senior Team Nominations Close this Sunday

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Sep 112017

Hi all you Senior Players!


Did you know that team nominations for the HTA Senior Summer Saturday comps close this Sunday? Are you keen to play the Traditional or Doubles Only Comp? Have you let your club know of your intentions for this season?


Teams need to be entered by Senior Coordinators (ie not individual players) into League Manager by 5.00pm this Sunday. Please contact the Senior Activities Committee ( if you have any queries.



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Sep 072017

Good Morning,


Latest HTA MC Meeting Minutes are now available for viewing.


Thank you


Tracy Goodwin

0438 877 771

HTA Secretary

Minute Recorder


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Midweek Tennis? **Team Nominations Are Now Open (Due before Fri 30 Sep) **

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Sep 052017

The nomination process for Midweek Tennis for 2017/18 is:

  1. Obtain your nomination form by clicking HERE
  2. Return your completed form to Kay Bass as per the instructions on the form or to

Nominations must be received before Fri 30 Sep. Thank you.

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Attention Senior Doubles Players – here’s the latest!

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Sep 012017

Opinions on how we should go about meeting the needs of our doubles players are wide and varied! Discussions have shown that there is no one clear path that stands out as the best one to follow. It is for this reason that we have come up with a plan that we think is pretty cool! Here’s how it will work.


Division 1 doubles will remain unchanged – 8 player teams (4 men, 4 women), play 4 sets each during a Saturday afternoon.


For Division 2 Doubles (and lower), Clubs will be asked to nominate their teams in whatever format they like! Yes, that’s right. Senior coordinators will submit teams via a different online form, where they can nominate how many players they’d like in the team (4, 6, 8 or something else) AND whether they have any gender requirements or not. Some teams may prefer to have an equal spread of men and women, while others may prefer a gender neutral team which will allow any gender to play in any position, based on order of merit. This second option will allow clubs that have an abundance of one gender and a shortage of the other to field teams without the restriction of having to supply a certain number of men or women. Experience in other competitions and associations has shown that this works well.


What are your intentions for this season? Speak with your senior coordinator and get them to submit what YOU would like for your doubles team. A club may submit 2 or more teams using 2 or more different formats.


Once all nominations are received, the SAC will look at and assess them. The most commonly nominated format will be used to make up the competition for season 17/18. Those teams that don’t fit that make up will be contacted and given options that will still allow them to be part of the competition.


We are excited about this initiative, as it is putting the power to determine how the competition will look back in the hands of the clubs. If you’re keen to play doubles this season, speak with your Senior Coordinator soon about how this might look for you.


Senior Activities Committee

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HTA Postal Changes. HTA Payment Changes. HTA Communications Changes.

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Aug 312017

Dear Clubs

Please note that for efficiency reasons the HTA is trialing three important administrative changes this season.


As of 1 Sep The HTA is NOT renewing our PO Box. Please use electronic communications/email only with the HTA ie please don’t send anything to the old, closed, HTA PO Box.


Consequently, as of 1 Sep the HTA is also no longer excepting payments by post. Electronic payments only please. HTA Bank details are available from the HTA website InfoCentre . We appreciate that for various reasons not all Clubs may have implemented electronic banking yet but most Banks these days can offer you electronic banking products that will satisfy each of the foreseeable needs your Club may have in relation to electronic payments eg to enable your Club to still having ‘two people sign’ for the amount despite the transaction being electronic etc etc. Please check with your Bank or contact the HTA if we can assist.


Additionally, from 1 Sep,  the HTA doesn’t intend to send any mail via the physical Australia Post postal system and whilst we will proactively attempt to seek out your correct email addresses, the responsibility for keeping your email details current in order to continue to receive HTA Communications from 1 Sep 2017 rests with each Club and with each Member and each individual. If you would like communication from the HTA in the future, please register your email address at any time via the HTA Website InfoCentre , if you are not already registered.

Please direct all future communication to the HTA via email eg and etc or committee positions or use the general contact form on the website Thank you.

The HTA sees these trial administrative changes as very positive because they will save the HTA and it’s Club extra money each year and more importantly create far less work for HTA committee members each season but if anyone is particularly disappointed or inconvenienced by any of these changes, please discuss your particular needs with the HTA and we will be happy to help resolve your particular issue together in a mutually satisfactory way. At the end of the season the HTA will review the trial overall and we welcome your feedback as always.

Many thanks to all.

PS Thanks again to outgoing caretaker treasurer Sue Hutson and a special welcome to Margaret Mosely (Hahndorf) who started as our new Treasurer this week at HTA. Welcome aboard.

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Doubles Survey – Div 2 and lower. Last chance!!

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Aug 302017

This survey will be closing soon. Please CLICK HERE to have your say about the number of sets that will be played in an afternoon by Div 2 and below Senior Saturday doubles.


Senior Activities Committee

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Tennis Australia – HTA Safeguarding Children Workshop

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Aug 092017

Hi Myles


Thanks for making us feel welcome on Monday night, I enjoyed the trip out to Hahndorf!


I thought the session went well and I hope you did too. It was a great turn out by your clubs and seemed to be well received.


Attached is a copy of the Presentations


“Tennis Australia has a zero tolerance approach to any form of child abuse and is committed to ensuring the sport of tennis is a safe and friendly environment for children and young people. It is imperative that children and young people who access our activities, programs, events or services feel safe and supported.


As part of this commitment Tennis Australia and Tennis SA are providing child-safety workshops this week to educate clubs, coaches and associations on the new Safeguarding Children policies and resources.


While representation from a club is not mandatory at these sessions, Tennis SA will maintain a register of workshop participants as a record of which Clubs attended to listen to what is best practice in Safeguarding Children.


If you haven’t attended a child-safety workshop this week and would like to, please contact Darren Sahb (Tennis SA – Education Officer) to obtain a list of proposed dates in September.”


I have also attached the PowerPoint presentation from the Workshop as well as a very useful presentation I attended recently as part of Child Safe training through the Office of Recreation and Sport. .


Feel free to contact me to discuss this or any other matters in relation to tennis policies.

Good luck with the 2017/2018 season!







Tennis Australia and Australian Open logo


Darren Sahb
Officiating Development and Policy Education  Coordinator | Tennis Australia |  P.O. Box: 43, North Adelaide South Australia 5006 Australia 

Ph: +61 08 7224 8122 | Switch:  | Mob:




This electronic mail and any attachment(s) contains information that may be privileged, confidential and/or subject to copyright, and that is intended only for use of the individual or entity named. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, disclosure, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately and permanently delete all copies of it. We use virus scanning software but exclude all liability for viruses or similar in any attachment.




default icon 2017-Tennis-SA-Safeguarding-Children-Club-Presentation.pptx
ppt icon Child-Safe-officer-Club-Presentation-2017.ppt

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Senior Doubles Players – your input needed!

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Aug 092017

This coming Season, Division 2 and below Doubles teams will have 4 players in them instead of the usual 8. The gender of those 4 players will not be defined – in other words, your team may be made up of 4 men OR 4 women OR any combination of either gender. What we need your input on, is how many sets you would like to play – either 3 or 4 during the afternoon. The sets rotations will be the same as for night tennis – 1&2 and 3&4 will play the first rotation. Then 1&3 and 2&4 will play a set. Then 1&4 and 2&3 will play together. If players are keen to play a fourth set, there will be a repeat of the 1&2 and 3&4 combination as the last set of the day.


If you are intending on playing doubles this season, and you are keen to play Division 2 or lower, please click here to go to a super-quick survey that will allow you to have your say on how things will be.


Senior Activities Committee

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**Reminder** HTA Senior Junior Conference Tonight At The Old Mill Main St Hahndorf 7:15pm

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Aug 072017

**Reminder** HTA Senior Junior Conference Tonight At The Old Mill Main St Hahndorf 7:15pm – two delegates from each Club please

Also, a special note of appreciation to Craig at The Old Mill who says “We do our best to support local community organisations”.

Craig has agreed to make available some of the Old Mill facilities and meeting rooms for our larger HTA events via a special arrangement, which provides all of us at the HTA with a great place to meet and and highly affordable too. Many thanks.

Accordingly, please consider the Old Mill for your next family outing or function and support the local businesses who are supporting the HTA!


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HTA MC Meeting Minutes 24/7/17

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Aug 032017

HI All


Please be advised HTA MC Meeting Minutes 24/7/17 are available for viewing.


Thank you

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Season 17-18 Rules of Match and Play

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Jul 242017

Attention all players, parents and interested bystanders! The new and improved version of the HTA’s Rules of Match and Play for the upcoming season have now been finalised and are available for your viewing.


CLICK HERE to access your copy.


A reminder that all clubs should have a copy available at each venue for reference if needed.

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Venue Management Conference

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Jul 212017

Good afternoon HTA Presidents and Secretaries,


Venue Management (Including Operational Health Check) – Wednesday 2 August

Sustainable management and operations are essential for the long term success of all tennis organisations and venues.


Tennis SA will present information and workshop ideas on managing your venue more efficiently.


The presentation will cover key areas of the Operational Health Check (OHC), Tennis Australia’s national survey of tennis facilities assessing performance in the areas of management, usage and financial sustainability, management and occupancy models, and, facility maintenance and asset renewal.


This presentation will be held at Rostrevor Tennis Club on Wednesday 2nd August at 7pm.


Please register by clicking on the link below -:




Tracy Goodwin

0438 877 771

HTA Secretary

Minute Recorder



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Club Development Conference

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Jul 212017

Dear HTA Presidents & Secretaries


Below are two workshops that are being run by Tennis SA. First being the Tennis SA Club Development Conference and secondly workshop on Venue Management.  Please register your attendance


Club Development Conference – Sunday, 30 July 2017

The 2017 TSA Club Development Conference will be held on Sunday 30 July at Next Generation Clubs.  This year’s conference will be the third annual conference staged.


The morning session will consist of a series of breakout groups that have been formed from feedback from our 2016 conference and a recent survey sent to Club Presidents & Secretaries. All morning sessions will be a mixture of presenting as well as having Club members being engaged to provide feedback and ideas. Following lunch, the afternoon will be focused on “Women in Tennis” (see agenda attached).


Day to commence with registrations at 8.30am and finish around 3.00pm


Please register by clicking on the link below -:




Tracy Goodwin

0438 877 771

HTA Secretary

Minute Recorder



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HTA Junior Senior Conference – Mon 7 Aug, 7:15pm for 7:30pm

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Jul 182017

Dear HTA Clubs,


I hope everyone is enjoying winter tennis, netball/football or your other chosen winter pastimes…


With August shortly upon us, our thoughts turn to preparation for the upcoming HTA 2017/18 Tennis Spring/Summer Season.


Your Club is invited/required please to send two delegates to:


What: HTA 2017/18 Senior Junior Conference

When: Monday, 7 August 2017 7:15pm for 7:30pm

Where: Old Mill, Main St Hahndorf (Note: the venue has changed from past conferences)


·       Tennis Australia will give a Child Safeguarding workshop. Import update information for all Clubs.

·       HTA will discuss the newly revised Rules Of Match And Play, new competition formats etc for coming season.

·       Everything your Club needs to know, ready for the start of Tennis Season 2017/18

·       The more detailed Agenda is attached for your convenience


If delegates could please come prepared with an updated list of all your Club Contact details with Name, Email, Phone for all of your Committee positions, this will not only save you some writing at the Conference but ensure that after the Conference the HTA has a complete record of all your Club’s correct contact information for the coming season.


As always, as a courtesy to our guest speakers, the Committee and other Clubs, please ensure that you have two Club delegates in attendance from 7:15pm, thank you. Ideally one person from senior tennis and one from junior tennis. With your help to achieve full Club attendance we will ensure that we have a quorum and prevent the need to hold the meeting again. Many thanks.


Please disseminate this information as widely as possible at your Club.


Many thanks


pdf icon Jnr-Snr-Conf-Agenda-17.pdf

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Tennis SA Club Development Conference Invitation

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Jul 162017


If you’re having trouble viewing this email, click here.



Victoria Coaching Update




Dear Tennis SA Presidents and Secretaries of Affiliated Associations, Clubs, Centres and Schools,

Our annual Club Development Conference is fast approaching and once again we are fully committed to hearing from each of you around how we work in a collaborative way with our valued clubs.  

This year there will be a specific focus on launching an action plan to enhance diversity in SA tennis by increasing female leadership and participation opportunities. Tennis SA is very keen to help support and collaborate with our Association and Club network to ensure we too can be one of the front runners in developing our females involved in tennis.  
Tennis SA has seen firsthand how the AFL has successfully raised the profile of females in their sport, both at a local level and a national level. This leads to increased visibility and enables access to different types of funding which ultimately feeds back to initiatives in clubs.
Therefore, we are specifically writing this letter to ask you all to do your best to attend our Club Development Conference. This year’s Club Development Conference details are as follows:
        Tennis SA Club Development Conference 
        8.30am – 3pm Sunday 30 July 2017
        Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Club, North Adelaide
Our conference will be one where engagement and contribution from you is very important, so we want to hear your views and ideas. Please contact Tennis SA on 08 7224 8100 or email or via the online registration link to confirm your attendance.
Yours sincerely,
Kent Thiele
President, Tennis SA


Steve Baldas
CEO, Tennis SA







PO Box 43, North Adelaide SA 5006
War Memorial Drive, Adelaide SA 5000

T: +61 8 7224 8100
F: +61 8 8212 6518


This email was sent to by Tennis SA
If you are no longer interested in receiving emails from Tennis, please unsubscribe here


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