Seniors Order Of Merit due Sunday!

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Feb 272019

Reminder – make sure you Senior Coordinator submits your senior team’s order of merit list for the finals! If not received on time, we will assume your team doesn’t want to play finals!

Due this Sunday 12 noon. Don’t be late!

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Senior Grand Finals

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Feb 242019

This content was sent to senior coordinators earlier today, but did not reach those with a gmail address – this issue is currently being looked at by the HTA.


The SAC is currently discussing possible venues for the Senior Grand Finals. If your club would like to be one of the clubs to host a Seniors Grand Finals match or matches, please get your Senior Coordinator to contact the SAC to express interest. There is not a lot of commitment required –

  • Ensure courts are clean and nets adjusted
  • Courts are open before 12.30 pm on GF day
  • Life Members are made to feel welcome
  • A table is set up for the SAC to add trophies, medallions to


Senior Activities Committee

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Senior Finals Team Lists Due soon

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Feb 242019

All senior teams who may be eligible to play finals need to submit an Order of Merit form via their Senior Coordinator. If your Coordinator has not yet asked you for this ……… give them a shake up!


These forms are due NO LATER THAN next Sunday, 3rd March 12 noon.


Senior Activities Committee

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Junior Winter Tennis (HTA/Southern Districts) ** 2019 REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN **

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Feb 092019

Dear Clubs and Players,


Winter tennis (through HTA and Southern Districts) is a fabulous way for junior players to keep fit and build their tennis skills over the winter period…


Click HERE to register online now.

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Future of Doubles – your input needed!

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Feb 092019

The HTA would love all Doubles players to take just 3-4 minutes to complete a survey to assist in the planning for the future of the competition. The new Doubles Sub-Committee of the SAC will be meeting in the coming weeks to determine the format and makeup of the Doubles Competition for next season and beyond. If you are passionate about your competition, please TELL US WHAT YOU THINK – click on the image to begin.







Click the image OR HERE to take the Doubles survey!








Can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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All HTA Matches cancelled for tomorrow

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Feb 012019

As the forecast for Mt Barker is for 37oC, all Senior and Junior matches for tomorrow are cancelled. There is no need to enter any results or do anything in Match Centre – the whole round will be cancelled out by the HTA.


Stay cool!


HTA Management Committee

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Last call for Country Carnival

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Dec 092018

A reminder that Tennis SA’s Country Carnival is happening again early next year at Kensington Gardens Lawn Tennis Club.  Both Junior and Senior Teams events will be held from the 3rd– 6th January, with the individual event on the 7th. Information PDF attached.


The wonderful Ian Barry is again coordinating the entries of both Junior and Seniors for this event.


Seniors – please send full team nominations to Ian. Information was sent to your coordinator a few weeks ago, so hopefully they passed it on!! Men’s trad comps, Women’s trad comps and Mixed Doubles comp.


Juniors – follow this link to register. See previous website post here.


All nominations must be to Ian Barry ( no later than Tues 11th Dec.


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HTA Night Tennis Information & Nominations – ** Summer Nominations Due 12 December 2018 **

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Nov 302018

Night Tennis Competition 2018-Spring & 2019 Summer seasons


This year there will again be 2-3 seasons of night tennis, each 9-10 weeks duration plus an extra week for grand finals. The seasons will be Spring, Summer, and Autumn with separate competitions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during Spring and Summer (and on Mondays / Wednesdays during Autumn subject to demand and court availability). Proposed dates for each season are listed on page 3.


Composition of teams

Teams will generally comprise 2 men and 2 women. Male players are ranked 1 and 2, and female players ranked 3 and 4.


Teams of a different composition may nominate, with participation subject to the discretion of the Night Tennis Co-ordinator.


If teams need to alter composition for a game during the season due to player unavailability please notify teams you are playing against. All teams are encouraged to be flexible in accommodating reasonable substitutions including those with different gender mixes.


Registration Cost is $40.00 per team per season.  Member clubs will be invoiced for the registration fees after the season’s program has been finalised.


Game Format

All sets played are doubles. Six sets are played, 1&2, 3&4 1&3, 2&4, 1&4, 2&3 with tie breaks at 5 games all.


Cancellations due to Weather

No night tennis games will be cancelled due to heat. However, if teams agree not to play because of hot weather the match will be recorded as a draw.


Due to the varying nature of weather around the hills no match should be cancelled before start of play unless there are extreme weather conditions. Both teams should be ready to play at 7:00 pm and the match should not be considered cancelled until 7:30 pm. If matches are interrupted by rain, teams should wait ½ hour before canceling due to rain. Teams who wish to cancel before the match, where both teams do not agree to the cancellation, will be considered to have forfeited.


Toilet Facilities

It is the responsibility of each club to ensure that satisfactory toilet facilities are available and open for each night tennis match. These facilities should be as close as possible to the courts.


Starting time of matches

Even though night tennis is considered by many as a social occasion it is important that games start on time. Players should arrive in time to have the necessary warm-up so that matches can commence at 7:00 pm. Teams that do not have one set ready to play by 7:15 pm can be asked to forfeit a set. If you know a player will be late due to unforeseen circumstances please let the opposition know as soon as possible.


Recording of match results

The results of all matches are to be recorded on scoresheets provided. Home teams are responsible for entering results of matches into the on-line recording system within 48 hours of completion of the match. Opposing teams are responsible for checking the entry and indicating whether they agree or dispute the results.



It is the responsibly of the home team to provide 4 new balls during the season for each match.


Grand Finals

A grand final will be played in each division between the two teams finishing first and second on the premiership table at the end of the minor round.


The team finishing on top of the premiership table will earn the right to host the grand final. However, the Night Tennis Committee may re-allocate the venue of a grand final to avoid having only one match at a venue. Teams who earn the right to host a grand final will be invited to change location but may refuse the invitation.


If a team wishes to play a player in the grand final who was not listed on the nomination form, the approval of the Night Tennis Coordinator will be required.


HTA Web site

Other information about tennis in the Adelaide Hills can be found on the web site of the Hills Tennis Association (




Nomination forms to be emailed to

2019 Summer Night Tennis Nomination Form_blank

All nomination forms must be sent by email, and be received by 5:00 pm on the nomination day. All teams must include a mobile contact number for the team to aid in communication on playing nights.






HTA Night Tennis 2018/2019





Season Dates Spring 2018                      Closing date for nominations  12 September 2018


Tuesday Minor Round

Starting a week later for 4 team Divisions

2 Oct – 4 Dec 2018


Grand Final 11 Dec 2018
Wednesday 3 Oct– 5 Dec 2018


12 Dec 2018

Season Dates Summer 2019                Closing date for nominations  12 December 2018


Tuesday Minor Round

Starting a week later for 4 team Divisions

8 Jan – 12 March 2019


Grand Final 19 March 2019
Wednesday 9 Jan – 13 March 2019


20 March 2019

Season Dates Autumn 2019*               Closing date for nominations  20 March 2019


Monday* Minor Round

Starting a week later for 4 team Divisions

8 April– 3 June 2019


Grand Final 17 June 2019
Wednesday* 10 April – 5 June 2019


19 June 2019



*Provisional subject to demand – if run there is usually only one night in the autumn season, and days available are influenced by other court requirements (netball).

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Wet Weather cancellations

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Nov 222018

Hi everyone.


The weather is looking a bit “iffy” for Saturday, so it’s probably a good chance to update yourself on how/when to call a match off due to wet weather. The bottom line is:

  • Juniors MUST wait at least half an hour and  Seniors MUST wait an hour before captains/supervisors may agree to call the match off

·         Any team without all players at match start time or with players leaving a match before the above times forfeit their sets

·         Every endeavour should be used to complete the match BUT no person can be forced to play on wet/slippery courts

·         Matches that are not started and abandoned due to rain do not count as a “played match” when qualifying for finals.


The HTA Team



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Important information re results entry

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Nov 112018

Congratulations to all clubs and players on a brilliant start to the 2018-19 tennis season!  


There have been very few issues with the correct entry of results each week, which is wonderful. Up until now we have had a “settling in” period where no penalties or fines have been imposed while people new to the role work it all out. This grace period has now ended.


Entering results – Match results need to be entered by 6.00pm on the Sunday following the match. It is the home team’s responsibility to enter a match, though the away team may also do so. Any match that is not entered by that time will incur a $20 fine per match for the home team.


Confirming results – This should be done by 9.00pm on the Tuesday following the match. While there are no penalties attached to not confirming a match, all matches are automatically confirmed one week after the match, and there will be no further correspondence entered into if clubs disagree after this time.


Ensuring all player names are present – Player names should appear in every set that is played in our Association. This is to ensure:

  • Correct order of merit is being played
  • Fill-ins are of a suitable standard to play in that position
  • Eligibility for finals is accurate
  • Full and accurate results for each player’s profile within the Tennis Australia system are kept


 No match should be confirmed if there are names missing on a scorecard. The best action is to dispute and explain. Any match that has missing player names may now incur a premiership points deduction of 2 points per player missing. This is a definite for Senior Saturdays.


If you have trouble entering player names, consult the Allocating Players to your teams  document and/or contact Tennis Australia Support –, ph 1800 752 983 or use their online chat help.


HTA Coordinators – Night, Midweek, Juniors and Seniors

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Nov 062018

Junior Country Carnival 2018/19 – Kensington Gardens


The Country Carnival 2019 will be held from Thursday 3rd January to Sunday 6th of January. Due to the continued Redevelopment of Memorial Drive the event will be held again at Kensington Gardens TC (cnr Parade/East Tce Kensington). Juniors team event, age groups 10, 12, 14 and 16 and Under. This age is at the 31st January 2019 (a little flexible though).

Registration close Sunday 9th of December.

There will be no trials this year.

Registrations are NOW OPEN.

Please register using the online form HERE.

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New Doubles Fixture up and running!

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Oct 172018

All Senior Doubles players (8 player Comp) are advised that the new revised fixture is up and ready for viewing in Match Centre. Please make sure you check where you are playing this weekend and all following rounds, as they are quite different from the original fixture.


At the end of the minor rounds, the Doubles competition will split into 3 and play Division 1, 2 and 3 finals series. This will give ALL Doubles players the opportunity to play finals.


The fixture remains unchanged for all other leagues and players, unless advised by your club.


Thank you for your patience on this.


Senior Activities Committee

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Senior Fixture Changes

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Oct 152018

Dear Tennis Friends.


The current senior doubles fixture and grading for this season as it stands, for a variety of reasons is not sustainable. After much discussion at both SAC and MC level, the 2 x 8-player Doubles Divisions will be merged for the minor rounds and then split them into 2 halves for the finals. Updated fixtures will be published in the coming days, so keep your eyes on Match Centre for information relating to this weekend’s matches.


Please note: other senior fixtures MAY be also affected by these changes. All senior players are advised to check Match Centre at the end of the week to ensure they play at the correct venue.


We look forward to your support on this decision. Let’s move forward together, and continue to keep our wonderful Association one of the strongest in SA.


Jo Casey, and the Senior Activities Committee


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Seniors Fixture to Change from next week

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Oct 132018

Hi all Senior Players.


Please be advised that there will be major changes to the Senior Fixture, starting next week. More details to follow in the next couple of days. Your fixture is likely to change.


Senior Activities Committee

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All programs now live in Match Centre!

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Oct 092018

Senior Saturday tennis starts this weekend 13th Oct, with Juniors commencing the following Friday/Saturday 19th/20th.


All players should have (or get!) a logon to Match Centre. All fixture details can be found at –


Dust off your racquet and let’s get cracking!!

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HTA Weather Policy – Update

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Oct 022018

Some HTA Clubs may have recently received communication directly from Tennis SA about Tennis SA’s own weather policies. The HTA Management Committee is looking at this Tennis SA information to see what is relevant for the Adelaide Hills and our Clubs and to see if we can implement some or all of it within the HTA in the future.

However, to avoid any confusion, please be advised that the HTA Weather Policy remains entirely unchanged until further notice ie it will remain the same as it has been in recent past years.

For your reference, the HTA weather policy is contained at Paragraph 11 of the HTA Rules Of Match and play which is also linked HERE for your convenience.

The HTA apologises if there has been any confusion on weather policy and we hope this is now perfectly clear.

All the best to you and Club for season 2018/19.

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Sep 142018

*Tennis balls are ready for collection*


All balls are here!

Please ask clubs to ring me regarding pick-up before coming down.

Mobile: 0430 843 007



Bruce Tucker



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