Results Vault Training Session

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Oct 302014

Coming soon ……… A Results Vault training/update session will be run by the HTA in the near future. All results recorders are invited and encouraged to attend. More details soon about where and when! Jo Casey, SAC

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Senior Scoresheets – ready to print!

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Oct 052014

All teams should now be printing their scoresheets from Match Centre. If you do not have a login for this site, please sign up and you will be able to access all information relating to your Division.

Using old scoresheets can cause confusion and incorrect scores entry.

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Feature Your Tennis Court Or Club In An Upcoming Tennis Book… Tell Your Story!

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Oct 032014

Richard Evans








Dear Clubs,

When you meet Richard Evans he will probably be too modest to tell you but he is a highly experienced former UK sports journalist and now long time Adelaide local who has extensive media experience and who regularly interviews the Who’s Who of world tennis.

Richard’s latest project is called ‘The Other Side Of The Net’ and he is looking for quirky, quintessentially Australian stories revolving around our humble Adelaide Hills tennis courts.

If your used or disused Club or private tennis court has a fabulous look or fascinating story to tell, please contact Richard and submit your story and your contribution could be recorded for posterity in Richard’s upcoming global book.

Exposure of this sort could elevate the interest in your Community or courts and may result in further media exposure for you or your Club or tell your story, just for fun. Private stories about private courts are also welcome…

The book will be a light hearted and enjoyable read and your contribution is now sought… This is a chance to have your story told, alongside numerous global celebrity stories and tales of forgotten courts.

Nothing is required of you, other than to contact Richard and tell your story…


Richard says…


‘Every tennis court has a story…’


I am an experienced sports journalist based in South Australia and am writing a book about the origins, evolution and huge variety of tennis courts across the world.

This will take in unknown backyard tennis playing areas through to courts that have come and gone on the various global professional circuits over the years.

I’m particularly looking for courts that have a story, obvious or otherwise, or can tell a story just by looking at them. They can be a city or country court or anything really, the more out there the better.

It’s the serious and the surreal in effect, looking at tennis from the other side of the net.

The book will combine photographs of tennis courts supplemented by a few words for each court or longer when the story demands it.

I would be most appreciative were you able to email me a few photographs of a court that has always caught your attention, ideally of a cross section of courts in the Adelaide Hills , to hopefully include in the book.

Any brief thoughts or context you have on your photos would be most welcome too. All photos will of course be accredited and, I hope, will have some promotional or other value for you.

There is a brief resume of some of my recent tennis journalism to be found at

Thank you for your time and please do get in touch.


Yours sincerely

Richard Llewelyn Evans


Myles Pope

HTA Vice President

0417 20 2244




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Results Vault Guide

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Oct 022014

pdf icon Guide-to-Using-Results-Vault-Sept-14.pdf

This “Guide to Using Results Vault” will assist both new and experienced users of Results Vault in setting up their teams, entering scores each week and adding new players where necessary. It can also be found in the Info Centre – Documents – Files. Jo Casey, SAC Chairperson

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