Scores entry – don’t forget!

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Feb 012020
Don’t forget to enter your match results from this weekend INCLUDING PLAYER NAMES. Even if the match didn’t commence, the washout result still needs to be entered. If you didn’t start at all, don’t enter individual set scores, just choose the whole match cancellation:- 

  • In Match Centre, it’s the red box at the top of the scorecard – click it, then choose washout.
  • In League Manager, click the three dots on the right side of the scorecard, the choose “Mark this match as not played/completed”. Then choose the cancel reason as Washout.
  • Don’t forget to save!
Please advise all of your scores entry people at your club to complete this process.
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What to do at your match if the weather is wet

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Feb 012020
Hello everyone!

Just a reminder from our rules for today in case of wet weather – firstly, every endeavour should be made by teams to complete a match. 

Matches cannot be called off for at least 30 minutes (Juniors) or 1 hour (Seniors) after the match start time and this must be with the agreement of both captains. If players are not present or leave before this time, then their sets will be forfeited. 

If courts are damp, no player should feel obligated or pressured to play if they are uncomfortable in doing so. Common sense should be used if there is lightning nearby.
Stay dry and keep smiling!
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