Mar 082017

You might be looking at the forecast for the weekend and may be wondering what happens if it’s too wet to play finals. If you’re like me, you’ll be optimistic, and expect to play the whole match unhindered. However ……. if the weather does turn nasty, here’s an overview of what to do:

Rule 9.3 –

·         All players must attend and stay at the match (their sets will be forfeited if they don’t) until it is officially abandoned

·         The match can only be abandoned if both captains/supervisors agree to do so – this must be at least 30 minutes from Junior start times and 60 minutes from Senior start times

·         NO player can be forced to play on a slippery court

·         Captains/supervisors should use every endeavour to complete the match

Rule 5.7 –

·         If abandoned, matches need to be rescheduled – Juniors play at 9am on the Sunday following the match, Seniors can negotiate a suitable time between captains, but no later than the Wednesday following the match. All original team members to play rescheduled match. Previous scores stand.


Keep thinking positively!! And GOOD LUCK!

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