Mar 132017

Anyone interested in the future of the HTA Doubles Competition is urged to attend the meeting coming up on the 25th March, 7.30pm at the Haus in Hahndorf.


We want to get as many of the people who have played Doubles (either current and/or past players) to attend and to have input and to toss around ideas and suggestions about how we can make it better. While emailed suggestions are very much welcomed, emails don’t allow for the two-way on-the-spot conversations that are likely to trigger additional ideas and suggestions. So we are URGING all doubles players to attend this VITAL meeting. Don’t leave it to others alone to decide.


Suggestions so far include:

·         Moving to a split gender competition 4 Men or Women in a team. Three sets would be played each week. If possible schedule home matches together.

·         Move the competition to a Friday night – this would provide cooler conditions and would allow players to play both Fri & Sat competitions if they wanted to. May also allow people with Saturday work commitments to play.

·         Move to a 2 Men 2 Women team format


All attendees at the meeting will be given an opportunity to express feelings about how this season has gone, and will be encouraged to offer suggestions (no matter how small) on how we can move forward. Your opinion matters! If you don’t attend, then you won’t be able to actively contribute to a solution.


This is not an optional meeting – it’s a really important time to demonstrate that doubles players in the Hills want to actively contribute to the future of the competition.


Please email your ideas beforehand to That way, the SAC can collate suggestions and have them ready to present as starting discussion points at the meeting.


Apologies can also be emailed to the above address.


Senior Activities Committee

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