Jul 162017


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Victoria Coaching Update




Dear Tennis SA Presidents and Secretaries of Affiliated Associations, Clubs, Centres and Schools,

Our annual Club Development Conference is fast approaching and once again we are fully committed to hearing from each of you around how we work in a collaborative way with our valued clubs.  

This year there will be a specific focus on launching an action plan to enhance diversity in SA tennis by increasing female leadership and participation opportunities. Tennis SA is very keen to help support and collaborate with our Association and Club network to ensure we too can be one of the front runners in developing our females involved in tennis.  
Tennis SA has seen firsthand how the AFL has successfully raised the profile of females in their sport, both at a local level and a national level. This leads to increased visibility and enables access to different types of funding which ultimately feeds back to initiatives in clubs.
Therefore, we are specifically writing this letter to ask you all to do your best to attend our Club Development Conference. This year’s Club Development Conference details are as follows:
        Tennis SA Club Development Conference 
        8.30am – 3pm Sunday 30 July 2017
        Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Club, North Adelaide
Our conference will be one where engagement and contribution from you is very important, so we want to hear your views and ideas. Please contact Tennis SA on 08 7224 8100 or email sareception@tennis.com.au or via the online registration link to confirm your attendance.
Yours sincerely,
Kent Thiele
President, Tennis SA


Steve Baldas
CEO, Tennis SA







PO Box 43, North Adelaide SA 5006
War Memorial Drive, Adelaide SA 5000

T: +61 8 7224 8100
F: +61 8 8212 6518
E: sareception@tennis.com.au


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