Aug 312017

Dear Clubs

Please note that for efficiency reasons the HTA is trialing three important administrative changes this season.


As of 1 Sep The HTA is NOT renewing our PO Box. Please use electronic communications/email only with the HTA ie please don’t send anything to the old, closed, HTA PO Box.


Consequently, as of 1 Sep the HTA is also no longer excepting payments by post. Electronic payments only please. HTA Bank details are available from the HTA website InfoCentre . We appreciate that for various reasons not all Clubs may have implemented electronic banking yet but most Banks these days can offer you electronic banking products that will satisfy each of the foreseeable needs your Club may have in relation to electronic payments eg to enable your Club to still having ‘two people sign’ for the amount despite the transaction being electronic etc etc. Please check with your Bank or contact the HTA if we can assist.


Additionally, from 1 Sep,  the HTA doesn’t intend to send any mail via the physical Australia Post postal system and whilst we will proactively attempt to seek out your correct email addresses, the responsibility for keeping your email details current in order to continue to receive HTA Communications from 1 Sep 2017 rests with each Club and with each Member and each individual. If you would like communication from the HTA in the future, please register your email address at any time via the HTA Website InfoCentre , if you are not already registered.

Please direct all future communication to the HTA via email eg and etc or committee positions or use the general contact form on the website Thank you.

The HTA sees these trial administrative changes as very positive because they will save the HTA and it’s Club extra money each year and more importantly create far less work for HTA committee members each season but if anyone is particularly disappointed or inconvenienced by any of these changes, please discuss your particular needs with the HTA and we will be happy to help resolve your particular issue together in a mutually satisfactory way. At the end of the season the HTA will review the trial overall and we welcome your feedback as always.

Many thanks to all.

PS Thanks again to outgoing caretaker treasurer Sue Hutson and a special welcome to Margaret Mosely (Hahndorf) who started as our new Treasurer this week at HTA. Welcome aboard.

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