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Opinions on how we should go about meeting the needs of our doubles players are wide and varied! Discussions have shown that there is no one clear path that stands out as the best one to follow. It is for this reason that we have come up with a plan that we think is pretty cool! Here’s how it will work.


Division 1 doubles will remain unchanged – 8 player teams (4 men, 4 women), play 4 sets each during a Saturday afternoon.


For Division 2 Doubles (and lower), Clubs will be asked to nominate their teams in whatever format they like! Yes, that’s right. Senior coordinators will submit teams via a different online form, where they can nominate how many players they’d like in the team (4, 6, 8 or something else) AND whether they have any gender requirements or not. Some teams may prefer to have an equal spread of men and women, while others may prefer a gender neutral team which will allow any gender to play in any position, based on order of merit. This second option will allow clubs that have an abundance of one gender and a shortage of the other to field teams without the restriction of having to supply a certain number of men or women. Experience in other competitions and associations has shown that this works well.


What are your intentions for this season? Speak with your senior coordinator and get them to submit what YOU would like for your doubles team. A club may submit 2 or more teams using 2 or more different formats.


Once all nominations are received, the SAC will look at and assess them. The most commonly nominated format will be used to make up the competition for season 17/18. Those teams that don’t fit that make up will be contacted and given options that will still allow them to be part of the competition.


We are excited about this initiative, as it is putting the power to determine how the competition will look back in the hands of the clubs. If you’re keen to play doubles this season, speak with your Senior Coordinator soon about how this might look for you.


Senior Activities Committee

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