Sep 302017

The summer season is about to start!

We currently have 3 divisions of women’s traditional teams ready to roll. We are looking for interested females (young or old!) to join together with others to form a Div 3 Women’s team to fill the BYE that currently exists in that division. We do have a number of interested players, but just need 1 or 2 more to make a viable team. If you are female and are interested in playing tennis at a lower level (no pressure!) – maybe to get back into it after a few years break, or maybe you know a junior player who would like to play seniors in the afternoon, please let Jo Casey know (details below).

Don’t want to play singles? That’s fine! We also have a club looking for doubles-only players (either men or women) to fill their team. This would be for the Division 2 Doubles competition (this is the lowest division) and again, there would be no great expectations of pressure – we just love having people on the court!

Please contact Jo Casey at the Senior Activities Committee via email – or phone 0417 867 105.

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