Nov 102017

Hi Everyone!


The SAC hopes that you and your team have had a great start to the season. A couple of reminders regarding seniors results entry:


Firstly, we’d like to congratulate all of those people involved in scores entry on the wonderful job they have done to date – there have been very few issues and only a couple of reminders sent. Penalties will apply from next week onwards, so make sure your scores entry people are on the ball!


Match Result Deadline

All matches must be entered on the system (either via Match Centre or League Manager) by 6.00pm Sunday evening following the match. The first 4 weeks were an “easing in” period and from now on, clubs will be fined $20 per match not entered on the system by the deadline. It is vital that results reach the system in time – this allows The Courier Newspaper to access our results and also sets up the timeline for confirmation of results so that everything is finalised by the following week.


Player names entry

All player names must appear for each match. The only exception would be where a player/team forfeits one or more rubbers – the names of players for the club which is initiating the forfeit do not need to appear, but the names of those players RECEIVING the forfeit should still be entered into the system. As of next week a 2 point premiership deduction will occur for Senior matches where a player name has been left unspecified AND where the club has not contacted the SAC if they are experiencing issues with the system/entry. We are not keen to take premiership points away, but need clubs and results enterers to appreciate the importance of getting all player names entered into the system. If there are any issues in entering player names, please contact the SAC and we will assist.


Doubles – Div 2 (8 player teams)

Gender requirement

The SAC would like to clarify the gender requirement for the 8 player teams in Div 2. There are 32 player positions in an 8 player doubles team (16 sets)  At least 12 player positions throughout the day must be filled by male players and at least 12 player positions must be filled by female players. This equates to the minimum of 3 men and 3 women required, as per our rule changes this season. The remaining 8 player positions can be played by either gender.


Order of merit

Please keep an eye on player statistics – particularly your higher level female players. It may be appropriate to change your order of merit to reflect ability, rather than gender, if a female player has high stats and is playing below a male player with lowish stats.


Please keep sending the SAC your feedback – we love hearing about what’s working well and potential areas for improvement! Enjoy your 6 matches leading up to Christmas.


Jo Casey and the SAC

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