Feb 052018

There have been a few errors in the entering of forfeits this season, so here’s the lowdown on how to get it right. If you are responsible for entering any team match results for your club (Juniors or Seniors), please read the info below.


Entering Forfeits in Match Centre

When the whole team forfeits the match:

At top of scorecard – the red box which says Mark Not Played/Incomplete – click it and then choose appropriate option – home or away forfeited. Don’t forget to save.


When Individual rubbers are forfeited:

At the top of each rubber there is a box that says Correct Score. Click it and choose correct option – forfeited, retired (eg for injury) or incomplete (eg for rain etc). Don’t forget to save.


Entering Forfeits in League Manager

When the whole team forfeits the match:

When viewing the scorecard – click the 3 dots on the right hand side near top of screen.

Choose Mark this match as not played/completed – click grey box under match title and choose reason – home or away forfeited. Scroll down to bottom and save.


When Individual rubbers are forfeited:

Click the three dots to the right of each rubber. Choose appropriate option – home/away forfeited or retired (eg injury). Don’t forget to save.


All players receiving a forfeit still need to have their names entered on the scoresheet, as this will still count as a match in order to qualify for finals.

All players giving a forfeit must not have their names added to the scoresheet, as this does not count as an eligible match to qualify for finals. The player should be left as Unspecified player.


Jo Casey (SAC) and Chris Geue (Results Recording)




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