Mar 142020

As you may be aware, correspondence came out from Tennis Australia/SA overnight regarding the postponment of tournaments and competitions within their jurisdiction arising from the covid-19 outbreak. Given this late correspondence, the Junior Activities Committee had virtually no time to make a decision about their matches today, and so have postponed junior matches for today.

The Senior and Doubles Activities Committees have had more time to decide on our position and how to proceed. We have consulted with all club presidents and have decided to go ahead with today’s senior finals matches for the following reasons:

  • The current advice from the World Health Organisation and State and Federal governments is that gatherings of more than 500 people should be cancelled. Our Hills Senior finals would have gatherings of 50 people maximum.
  • Tennis is a non-contact sport with minimal physical interaction. Players may, as a precaution, choose to avoid shaking hands at the end of a match and to perhaps use personal hand sanitisers for further protection if they wish.
The situation will continue to be monitored by the HTA, and we will advise later next week what course will be followed in the future.
Senior and Doubles Activities Committees

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