Mar 192020

Please read all of the information below carefully – we know it’s lengthy, but it’s important.

HTA Finals

It’s been really tricky for the HTA to decide how to proceed in these uncertain times. We strongly believe that the physical, mental and social benefits of being physically active  and interacting within our strong community are important. We have made the decisions below based on information from Tennis Australia (see Community Tennis Guidelines for Continued Play attached to this post), Tennis SA, the Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing and the Federal Government’s current regulations.

 Please note that the information below may change at short notice.


 At this point, Senior Preliminary finals for this weekend are set to go ahead, with the  following requirements/safeguards:

  •  Any player who is uncomfortable about playing, should notify SAC or DAC. Everyone has the right to choose what is best for them, and there will be no judgement, criticism or penalty if they choose not to play on the day. Committees will be more flexible with permit approvals. These absences will not be considered
    forfeits, and SAC & DAC will decide on the best outcome for each match on a
    case by case basis.
  • Any player who is feeling unwell MUST NOT attend any match.
  • Each venue will have only 1 match, except Anembo Park, where the 3 matches will be spread out. See the Prelim Summary attached. Based on this, there will be no more than 16 players at any one match.
  • Clubs are NOT to open their clubrooms or provide any facilities except toilets.
  • Players to provide their own food, drinks, seating etc
  • Players to avoid handshakes and use other ways to congratulate opponents and to keep appropriate “social distance” at all times.
  • Due to the lack of availability, players to bring their own hand sanitiser and other
    hand cleaning products to use before and after the match
  • Only those people essential to the playing of the match should attend – this may be
    difficult in finals, but please encourage excess spectators to stay away.
  • Practise common sense personal hygiene – cover mouth when coughing, sneezing etc, frequent hand washing. If feeling unwell leave the match immediately.


After feedback from Clubs, the JAC has decided to onclude the Junior HTA Tennis Finals this weekend. Friday night teams will play their Grand Finals as scheduled. Saturday Finals will be played by the 2 Teams who finished 1 and 2 at the end of the minor round.  See Match Centre for details.

The same safeguards and requirements as listed above also apply to Junior matches. Additional information has been provided to clubs for Court Supervisors to read to the players and spectators prior to the finals.  The situation with Covid-19 is  changing every day and we thank you for your understanding with the measures we have taken to complete the 2019/20 season.

HTA Management Committee

pdf icon COVID-19-Community-Tennis-Guidelines-for-Continued-Play-1.pdf
doc icon HTA-Prelim-Finals-1920.docx

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