Night Tennis is a doubles competition consisting of 4 player teams, generally 2 males and 2 females.
It consists of six, six game sets of doubles with a tie break at 5 all – each player plays a set with each other team member.
Night tennis offers two separate 9-10 week seasons, with a final played between the two top teams at the end of each season.
  • Spring – from October to December
  • Summer – from January to March
There are 2 competitions, Tuesday night and Wednesday night.
Matches begin at 7 pm and conclude around 9-9.30 pm.
Night tennis is popular because most of the time is spent on the court and play is not in the heat of the day.
Any further information please contact Marcel Smith 0403 207 854 or Margy Seidel 0408 894 457.
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