Tennis SA Winter Pennant – nominations close soon

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May 142020

Hello all!


With the gradual lifting of restrictions in SA, Tennis SA is planning to go ahead with a shortened Winter Pennant season, starting on 6th June. The Stirling Club is currently taking nominations from interested senior players. Nominations close very shortly, so if you are interested, please contact Bill Walter at Stirling –


More information about the competition can be found HERE.



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HTA Senior Grand Finals Cancelled

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Mar 252020
The HTA Management Committee has decided, in light of current circumstances, to cancel all Senior Grand Finals scheduled for this weekend. We appreciate this causes disappointment and distress to many of our players. Premierships will be awarded to the winners of Semi-Finals matches (1v2) played on 14th March, with runners-up being the winners of last weekend’s Preliminary Finals matches. 

A summary of all divisions is below. 

The Senior and Doubles Activities Committees would like to sincerely thank all Senior Coordinators for the work that they have done at their club. Without these wonderful people, the competition just would not run.

We all look forward to seeing everyone back on the court next season!

Div 1 Men – Premiers Stirling, Runners-up Littlehampton
Div 2 Men – Premiers Onkaparinga, Runners-up Littlehampton
Div 3 Men – Premiers Stirling Blue, Runners-up Aldgate Red
Div 4 Men – Premiers Summertown, Runners-up Mt Barker Blue

Div 1 Women – Premiers Lobethal, Runners-up Onkaparinga
Div 2 Women – Premiers Onkaparinga, Runners-up Littlehampton
Div 3 Women – Premiers Crafers, Runners-up Stirling

Div 1 Doubles – Premiers Uraidla, Runners-up Summertown Black
Div 2 Doubles – Premiers Hahndorf, Runners-up Mt Barker
Div 3 Doubles – Premiers Piccadilly, Runners-up Ironbank Cherry Gardens

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Junior Grand Final Photo’s

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Mar 232020

If you have any team Photos from HTA Junior Grand Finals please send with names of players and Division to I will send to Courier over the weekend for publication in the next few weeks..

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Mar 212020
The HTA Management Committee confirms that this weekend’s Junior and Senior finals matches will proceed, as explained in our previous post.
The email sent by Tennis SA yesterday was repeating the information they sent a week ago – that competitions run by them have been cancelled or postponed.
The HTA is not run by Tennis SA and we have made the decision to proceed, based on the information explained in our previous post.
An update regarding senior grand finals, scheduled for next weekend will be posted late next week.
HTA Management Committee
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Senior and Junior Finals this weekend

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Mar 192020

Please read all of the information below carefully – we know it’s lengthy, but it’s important.

HTA Finals

It’s been really tricky for the HTA to decide how to proceed in these uncertain times. We strongly believe that the physical, mental and social benefits of being physically active  and interacting within our strong community are important. We have made the decisions below based on information from Tennis Australia (see Community Tennis Guidelines for Continued Play attached to this post), Tennis SA, the Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing and the Federal Government’s current regulations.

 Please note that the information below may change at short notice.


 At this point, Senior Preliminary finals for this weekend are set to go ahead, with the  following requirements/safeguards:

  •  Any player who is uncomfortable about playing, should notify SAC or DAC. Everyone has the right to choose what is best for them, and there will be no judgement, criticism or penalty if they choose not to play on the day. Committees will be more flexible with permit approvals. These absences will not be considered
    forfeits, and SAC & DAC will decide on the best outcome for each match on a
    case by case basis.
  • Any player who is feeling unwell MUST NOT attend any match.
  • Each venue will have only 1 match, except Anembo Park, where the 3 matches will be spread out. See the Prelim Summary attached. Based on this, there will be no more than 16 players at any one match.
  • Clubs are NOT to open their clubrooms or provide any facilities except toilets.
  • Players to provide their own food, drinks, seating etc
  • Players to avoid handshakes and use other ways to congratulate opponents and to keep appropriate “social distance” at all times.
  • Due to the lack of availability, players to bring their own hand sanitiser and other
    hand cleaning products to use before and after the match
  • Only those people essential to the playing of the match should attend – this may be
    difficult in finals, but please encourage excess spectators to stay away.
  • Practise common sense personal hygiene – cover mouth when coughing, sneezing etc, frequent hand washing. If feeling unwell leave the match immediately.


After feedback from Clubs, the JAC has decided to onclude the Junior HTA Tennis Finals this weekend. Friday night teams will play their Grand Finals as scheduled. Saturday Finals will be played by the 2 Teams who finished 1 and 2 at the end of the minor round.  See Match Centre for details.

The same safeguards and requirements as listed above also apply to Junior matches. Additional information has been provided to clubs for Court Supervisors to read to the players and spectators prior to the finals.  The situation with Covid-19 is  changing every day and we thank you for your understanding with the measures we have taken to complete the 2019/20 season.

HTA Management Committee

pdf icon COVID-19-Community-Tennis-Guidelines-for-Continued-Play-1.pdf
doc icon HTA-Prelim-Finals-1920.docx

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Reminder: Medal/Plaque Pick up Mt Bkr TC Thursday 5pm-7pm

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Mar 182020

This is a reminder the following hosting clubs of Junior finals this week must pick up Plaques/Medals from Mt Barker TC Thursday night from 5pm-7pm:

Stirling, Piccadilly, Littlehampton, Aldgate, Onkaparinga, Echunga, Mt Barker and Crafers.



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HTA Tennis

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Mar 162020
The HTA Management Committee is monitoring the current covid-19 situation with regards to how to proceed with its competitions over the coming weeks. Please check back later this week for further updates.

Management Committee
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Senior matches will go ahead 14 March

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Mar 142020

As you may be aware, correspondence came out from Tennis Australia/SA overnight regarding the postponment of tournaments and competitions within their jurisdiction arising from the covid-19 outbreak. Given this late correspondence, the Junior Activities Committee had virtually no time to make a decision about their matches today, and so have postponed junior matches for today.

The Senior and Doubles Activities Committees have had more time to decide on our position and how to proceed. We have consulted with all club presidents and have decided to go ahead with today’s senior finals matches for the following reasons:

  • The current advice from the World Health Organisation and State and Federal governments is that gatherings of more than 500 people should be cancelled. Our Hills Senior finals would have gatherings of 50 people maximum.
  • Tennis is a non-contact sport with minimal physical interaction. Players may, as a precaution, choose to avoid shaking hands at the end of a match and to perhaps use personal hand sanitisers for further protection if they wish.
The situation will continue to be monitored by the HTA, and we will advise later next week what course will be followed in the future.
Senior and Doubles Activities Committees

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Junior Winter Tennis!

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Mar 112020

I hope you’ve been enjoying the summer season. Junior Winter Tennis will again be played in the Southern Districts Tennis Association competition, with Hills players playing for Hills Tennis Association, rather than their own club. Teams are made up of players from various clubs, with home games traditionally being at Anembo Park and away games in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. 

Players must be 17 and under as at 30/9/2020. We endeavor to have 5 players in each team to cover illness etc but this depends on numbers.

Registrations are online via the form below and are open now and close 26th March.

Important dates:

  • Start of season – Saturday 2nd May
  • Byes – Sat 11th July and 18th July 
  • Last minor round – Sat 15th August
  • 3 Weeks Finals – Sat 22nd, 29th August and 5th September
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Senior Finals next weekend

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Mar 062020
Senior Finals – next weekend!
Order of merit lists are out for Traditional Senior Teams – make sure you get your Div’s copy from your senior coordinator and keep it in your folder so that you can check that your team (as well as the others in your division) play the correct people in the correct order.
Remember – home teams still need to provide that wonderful afternoon tea that we are famous for, as well as balls for the match.
All the best of luck for next weekend!
Check out the finals summary document.
Senior Activities Committee
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Senior Winter Tennis

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Feb 272020
If you are interested in playing in one of Tennis SA’s Winter Tennis Leagues, now is the time to gather your crew and nominate a team!

HTA Clubs LIttlehampton, Stirling and Onkaparinga have fielded teams in the past. If you are unable to get a full team from your club, you could try contacting one of these clubs who may be able to accommodate you. 

Tennis SA has Men’s Traditional, Women’s Traditional, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles competitions, all with four playing positions each week.

2020 Winter Pennant – Key information

  • ·       Nominations closing 5pm, Sunday 5 April
  • ·       Round 1 date – May 2
  • ·       Tennis SA contact – Dylan Hicks

For further information CLICK HERE

Senior and Doubles Activities Committees

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SENIORS RESULTS to be entered by midnight this week

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Feb 252020
Please ensure all senior results are entered by midnight Saturday night this week, so that SAC and DAC committees are able to make preparations for the finals.

A reminder that your finals order of merit team lists are also now due to the relevant committee. See your senior coordinator for more info.
HTA – Senior and Doubles Activities Committees
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Scores entry – don’t forget!

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Feb 012020
Don’t forget to enter your match results from this weekend INCLUDING PLAYER NAMES. Even if the match didn’t commence, the washout result still needs to be entered. If you didn’t start at all, don’t enter individual set scores, just choose the whole match cancellation:- 

  • In Match Centre, it’s the red box at the top of the scorecard – click it, then choose washout.
  • In League Manager, click the three dots on the right side of the scorecard, the choose “Mark this match as not played/completed”. Then choose the cancel reason as Washout.
  • Don’t forget to save!
Please advise all of your scores entry people at your club to complete this process.
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What to do at your match if the weather is wet

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Feb 012020
Hello everyone!

Just a reminder from our rules for today in case of wet weather – firstly, every endeavour should be made by teams to complete a match. 

Matches cannot be called off for at least 30 minutes (Juniors) or 1 hour (Seniors) after the match start time and this must be with the agreement of both captains. If players are not present or leave before this time, then their sets will be forfeited. 

If courts are damp, no player should feel obligated or pressured to play if they are uncomfortable in doing so. Common sense should be used if there is lightning nearby.
Stay dry and keep smiling!
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Bushfire Assistance

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Jan 162020

Do you know any HTA members who have been affected by the recent bushfires?


The HTA is looking to support any of our members whose families have been affected by the recent bushfires. Our Constitution does not allow us to make cash donations, but we are able to give Sports vouchers, which may, in a very small way, help get life back to normal for those affected.


If you or someone you know was hit by the fires, please send the following information to the HTA via Jo Casey ( Once verified, we will get in touch and distribute vouchers.


  • Name of family affected
  • How they are connected to the HTA – eg comp played
  • A general idea of what was lost in the fire – eg everything including house, land only, stock, other property
  • Contact email for them


HTA Management Committee


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REMINDER: Country Carnival Registration closes Friday 6th December

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Nov 272019

The 2020 Country Carnival held from Thursday January 9th to Sunday 12th January 2020 close Friday 6th December (9 days). Please register at the post below to avoid disappointment as spots filling fast. This event is played at Kensington Garden Lawn Tennis Club and is free to juniors in the HTA. It is a fantastic event representing HTA, playing against other teams from around the state and is lots of fun for all.

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2020 Country Carnival Nominations – Deadline 6th December!

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Nov 042019

The Country Carnival has been a tradition for country tennis players for many decades. This year it is being played on the magnificent lawn courts at Kensington Gardens from Thursday 9th January until Sunday 12th of January.



Nominations are open for any junior player in the HTA in 4 different age groups (10, 12, 14, 16 and under). Teams consist of 4 players per team and represent Hills Tennis Association. The Hills Tennis Association pay for junior nominations, so it is free to play.




The HTA is accepting nominations of complete teams to compete in the Open Adult Teams Events. The cost is $82 per team of 4 players. Seniors will play from Friday 10th – Sunday 12th January. Gather up some mates – from your own or another club and submit your team.


Seniors formats are as follows:

Senior Men’s Teams event          1 x Double to 9 games; 1 Single to 6 games per player

Senior Women’s Teams event    1 x Double to 9 games; 1 Single to 6 games per player

Mixed Team’s event                      3 x Doubles to 6 games per player




This is a great event, don’t miss out, register now. Nominations close Friday 6th December 2019.


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Member Protection – Free Training for your Club Person

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Oct 242019

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) training will be held on Sunday, 24 November 2019 from 9:30am – 1:30pm.  Tennis SA strongly recommends that each club has at least one person performing this important role.


Nominations are now open, with limited spaces are available. Successful completion will enable the participant to register with Sport Australia as a recognised MPIO and get ongoing access to support materials. The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing recommends that active recreation organisations aim to appoint one or two Member Protection Information Officers.


The MPIO’s role is to provide appropriate advice to the club around their Member Protection Policy when issues arise. The MPIO is also responsible for providing information about a person’s rights and responsibilities and options available when making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as support during the process. The MPIO does not investigate or attempt to resolve a complaint.


To become an MPIO and be registered with Sport Australia a person must:

•             Register for free online training at and complete all MPIO modules. Then save their certificate of completion.

•             Attend a free face to face MPIO training session at ORSR

•             Complete registration with Sport Australia (using the unique link provided) following the completion of both the online and face to face courses


Registration for the course on 24 November 2019 is available at: or can be found via the Courses and Events page on the ORSR website  


The intended participant is required to upload their online MPIO Certificate of Completion during the registration process or alternatively the Certificate can be emailed direct to MT Smith (see contact details below) prior to attending the training session.


For further information, contact:


Marie-Therese Smith | Senior Project Officer – Sport Culture and Ethics  |  Infrastructure and Sector Capability

Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing

Tel: 8457 1408| Email:  


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Junior 2019/20 Season Draw is now Published

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Oct 032019

The Junior Season is nearly 2 weeks away and the Draw for 2019/20 Season has been published on League Manager and Match Centre. It is now time to add players to the competition and this will be sent to the junior co-ordinators a "how to". Good luck to all players and thankyou to volenteers for all of your support in club,




JAC Committee

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Senior Saturday Summer Fixture out now!

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Sep 292019

The Senior Programs and Fixtures for this Summer Season are now live on Match Centre! Senior Tennis begins on the 12th October ……… let the fun begin!


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SAPSASA Tennis Trials

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Sep 092019

If you have a child in Year 6 or 7 who is interested in trying out for this year’s Hills SAPSASA Tennis Team, please download and complete the form and return as per instructions.

The first trial is being held Tuesday 17th September at Anembo Park. SAPSASA Tennis will run 4th – 7th November at Seacliff Tennis Courts.


AVG logo

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Summer Tennis starts soon!!

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Sep 012019

Believe it or not, the Summer tennis season is rolling around rather quickly!


All HTA clubs have received information about how to nominate their Senior and Junior Saturday teams. If you’re keen to play Saturdays, get in touch with your club to secure your place in a team.


If you’re keen on playing Night tennis, the Spring season is just around the corner – contact Rob Chalmers (0404 064 257, for more information about nominating a team, or as an individual.


Newcomers to Hills Tennis are always welcome – checkout the “Clubs” Menu and get in touch with your nearest club to find out how you can get involved in playing this great sport.



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Junior & Senior Conference – Minutes now available

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Aug 192019

The minutes from the recent Junior & Senior Conference are now available. Reminder – all bulk Ball orders are due to the Treasurer by Tuesday 27th August.


Please note important dates regarding nomination of teams for next season:


  • Senior teams – to be nominated online through League Manager AND a simple word doc version to be emailed to SAC (Jo Casey) no later than Sunday 15th September 5.00pm. Senior season commences on Sat 12th October.


  • Junior teams – nominations forms will be sent out via email from the JAC. All teams to be nominated and sent via email to Jayne Taylor no later than Monday 16th Sept 7.30pm. Junior season commences Fri 18th/Sat 19th October.



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Club Ball Orders for 19-20 Season

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Aug 052019

It’s time for your club to order the balls required for the 19-20 season. The HTA has again secured a super price from Tucker Tennis at Brighton. Ball orders WITH PAYMENT are to be returned to the Treasurer on or before 27th August.

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Agenda for Junior & Senior Conference

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Aug 032019

The Agenda for Monday night’s meeting is right here! Please ensure that your club sends both a Senior and Junior representative. We will be discussing important information regarding the 2019-20 HTA Tennis Season. We look forward to seeing your club’s reps at the conference.


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HTA Junior & Senior Conference

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Jul 182019

The annual HTA Junior and Senior Conference will be held on Monday 5th August at the Old Mill at 7.15 for a 7.30pm start.


Any suggestions for changes to our current rules, should be sent via your club Secretary or Junior/Senior Coordinator to HTA Senior Activities Chairperson Jo Casey at  Last season’s Rules of Match and Play can be found HERE.


The HTA Management Committee looks forward to seeing your club representatives at the conference.




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