Season 17-18 Rules of Match and Play

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Jul 242017

Attention all players, parents and interested bystanders! The new and improved version of the HTA’s Rules of Match and Play for the upcoming season have now been finalised and are available for your viewing.


CLICK HERE to access your copy.


A reminder that all clubs should have a copy available at each venue for reference if needed.

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Venue Management Conference

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Jul 212017

Good afternoon HTA Presidents and Secretaries,


Venue Management (Including Operational Health Check) – Wednesday 2 August

Sustainable management and operations are essential for the long term success of all tennis organisations and venues.


Tennis SA will present information and workshop ideas on managing your venue more efficiently.


The presentation will cover key areas of the Operational Health Check (OHC), Tennis Australia’s national survey of tennis facilities assessing performance in the areas of management, usage and financial sustainability, management and occupancy models, and, facility maintenance and asset renewal.


This presentation will be held at Rostrevor Tennis Club on Wednesday 2nd August at 7pm.


Please register by clicking on the link below -:




Tracy Goodwin

0438 877 771

HTA Secretary

Minute Recorder



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Club Development Conference

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Jul 212017

Dear HTA Presidents & Secretaries


Below are two workshops that are being run by Tennis SA. First being the Tennis SA Club Development Conference and secondly workshop on Venue Management.  Please register your attendance


Club Development Conference – Sunday, 30 July 2017

The 2017 TSA Club Development Conference will be held on Sunday 30 July at Next Generation Clubs.  This year’s conference will be the third annual conference staged.


The morning session will consist of a series of breakout groups that have been formed from feedback from our 2016 conference and a recent survey sent to Club Presidents & Secretaries. All morning sessions will be a mixture of presenting as well as having Club members being engaged to provide feedback and ideas. Following lunch, the afternoon will be focused on “Women in Tennis” (see agenda attached).


Day to commence with registrations at 8.30am and finish around 3.00pm


Please register by clicking on the link below -:




Tracy Goodwin

0438 877 771

HTA Secretary

Minute Recorder



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HTA Junior Senior Conference – Mon 7 Aug, 7:15pm for 7:30pm

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Jul 182017

Dear HTA Clubs,


I hope everyone is enjoying winter tennis, netball/football or your other chosen winter pastimes…


With August shortly upon us, our thoughts turn to preparation for the upcoming HTA 2017/18 Tennis Spring/Summer Season.


Your Club is invited/required please to send two delegates to:


What: HTA 2017/18 Senior Junior Conference

When: Monday, 7 August 2017 7:15pm for 7:30pm

Where: Old Mill, Main St Hahndorf (Note: the venue has changed from past conferences)


·       Tennis Australia will give a Child Safeguarding workshop. Import update information for all Clubs.

·       HTA will discuss the newly revised Rules Of Match And Play, new competition formats etc for coming season.

·       Everything your Club needs to know, ready for the start of Tennis Season 2017/18

·       The more detailed Agenda is attached for your convenience


If delegates could please come prepared with an updated list of all your Club Contact details with Name, Email, Phone for all of your Committee positions, this will not only save you some writing at the Conference but ensure that after the Conference the HTA has a complete record of all your Club’s correct contact information for the coming season.


As always, as a courtesy to our guest speakers, the Committee and other Clubs, please ensure that you have two Club delegates in attendance from 7:15pm, thank you. Ideally one person from senior tennis and one from junior tennis. With your help to achieve full Club attendance we will ensure that we have a quorum and prevent the need to hold the meeting again. Many thanks.


Please disseminate this information as widely as possible at your Club.


Many thanks


pdf icon Jnr-Snr-Conf-Agenda-17.pdf

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Tennis SA Club Development Conference Invitation

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Jul 162017


If you’re having trouble viewing this email, click here.



Victoria Coaching Update




Dear Tennis SA Presidents and Secretaries of Affiliated Associations, Clubs, Centres and Schools,

Our annual Club Development Conference is fast approaching and once again we are fully committed to hearing from each of you around how we work in a collaborative way with our valued clubs.  

This year there will be a specific focus on launching an action plan to enhance diversity in SA tennis by increasing female leadership and participation opportunities. Tennis SA is very keen to help support and collaborate with our Association and Club network to ensure we too can be one of the front runners in developing our females involved in tennis.  
Tennis SA has seen firsthand how the AFL has successfully raised the profile of females in their sport, both at a local level and a national level. This leads to increased visibility and enables access to different types of funding which ultimately feeds back to initiatives in clubs.
Therefore, we are specifically writing this letter to ask you all to do your best to attend our Club Development Conference. This year’s Club Development Conference details are as follows:
        Tennis SA Club Development Conference 
        8.30am – 3pm Sunday 30 July 2017
        Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Club, North Adelaide
Our conference will be one where engagement and contribution from you is very important, so we want to hear your views and ideas. Please contact Tennis SA on 08 7224 8100 or email or via the online registration link to confirm your attendance.
Yours sincerely,
Kent Thiele
President, Tennis SA


Steve Baldas
CEO, Tennis SA







PO Box 43, North Adelaide SA 5006
War Memorial Drive, Adelaide SA 5000

T: +61 8 7224 8100
F: +61 8 8212 6518


This email was sent to by Tennis SA
If you are no longer interested in receiving emails from Tennis, please unsubscribe here


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