Aug 192015


Any club intending to nominate teams in any other Association in any competition MUST gain prior approval from the HTA. The Rules of Match and Play were altered this year and require ANY club wishing to nominate ANY team in another Association to gain written permission from the HTA and from the other Association. Please see the relevant rule below for more detail. The 4 week notification period has been extended for this season only – please gain HTA approval no later than 15 September 2015.

3.4 Other Tennis Association participation – Junior and Senior

Prior written permission must be obtained each and every season from both the HTA Management Committee and the other Association if clubs wish to participate in a competition within another Association. This must be received no later than 4 weeks prior to HTA nomination closing dates. This applies to both winter and summer competitions.

The following conditions apply for summer competitions:

3.4.1   If nominating to a higher Association, nominations must be for Division 1 only, or another division if the team is deemed stronger than the highest relevant HTA division by the SAC/JAC. A copy of the nomination form for the other Association, including a full list of all intending players’ names is to be submitted to the SAC/JAC with the club’s other nominations. This is to ensure the strength of the HTA competition continues and that higher level players are retained.

Penalty for breach of the above conditions – 4 premiership points deducted from the highest like-division in the HTA competition for each breach of this rule.

Please contact Myles (HTA President) if you have any queries about this requirement.


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