Feb 262016

Dear Clubs,

  • Thanks to help from Tennis SA, the HTA and its Clubs (your Club) now has a single person point of contact for all League Manager and Match Centre issues, bugs, faults, enquiries etc. We hope this makes for more efficient LM issue resolution.
  • This TA Support person single point of contact is: Joel Goodwin.
  • Joel has been fantastic in helping progress numerous LM issues and bugs so far and so the HTA is very pleased to have him on board.
  • Additionally, the HTA have set up an online software tracking system for all LM issues. This will enable HTA to monitor all LM support requests from all HTA Clubs, as well as solutions, response times, completion times etc. Charts such as the one below will be able to be produced as needed. In this way the HTA will be better able to manage the large number of LM issues and ensure that all issues are addressed in a timely way.

So from now onwards, rather than call or email Tennis Australia direct, please participate in our tracker trial and use the following new League Manager support procedure for all your issues:

The new procedure for requesting support is to simply email your issue to:


Your support request will then be automatically logged, you will receive a ticket number for each issue and your request will be forwarded to Joel. You will be able to monitor the status of your issues online via your ticket number or simply via email in the usual way.



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