Mar 202018


Firstly thanks to all who were part of this season (including new teams), hope you had a fun time.


Finals for the Summer Season are next week. I have just initiated them for the Tuesday night competitions (live in league manager):

– Tuesday Div 1 – Serve Smash Cheers v Court Jesters @ Piccadilly

– Tuesday Div 2 – Rhinoforce v Courtasones @ Echunga


I am just waiting on the final game score from this Wednesday to make those finals official as the top of the table there (Echunga, Langlings and Green&Gold) is very close. I have followed up with the relevant teams and will push that to finals status in league manager as soon as I have a result. 



Looking forward to Autumn: usually there is quite a drop off in the number of interested teams (given light, weather and court availability issues). With teams going into "hibernation" we haven’t run one for the last few years – but we have got close to having the numbers. Of course I am happy to organise an Autumn comp if there is sufficient interest, so here is your chance:


The Autumn season is usually impacted a bit by court availability issues (eg Netball conflicts) – so my understanding is that when it was previously run it was usually a Monday or Wednesday night. Basic competition details for the seasons are attached again along with a blank nomination form. Games are notionally scheduled to kickoff again around 9 April (but for 4 team divisions starting a week later).


Please email nominations to by Monday 26 March 2018.


To assist programming and grading, teams are asked if they are prepared to play on the alternative night to their preferred night.


If any teams or clubs have “spare” players or not enough players to make a full team, please let us know and we may be able form a composite team


Meantime best wishes to all for the close of the Summer season, and also for the upcoming easter break.


Best regards, Rob 




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xls icon 2018-Autumn-Night-Tennis-Nomination-Form_blank.xls

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