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Covid-safe plan

As you would know, all clubs must have a covid-safe plan in place before any tennis can be played at that venue. These covid-safe plans are quite simple and quick to complete, and need to be submitted to both Tennis SA and the HTA.  Here is the link to the website where you can create your plan:


Please note – no matches will be permitted to be played at your venue unless your club does has a covid-safe plan in place. If the HTA/Tennis SA have not received your covid plan before Wednesday 8th October, any matches (Jnr/Snr/Night/midweek) due to be held at your venue will be rescheduled to another venue and your club will be responsible for paying court hire to that other venue.


Covid marshals

Each club is required to have a covid marshal on site at every official tennis match or activity, including coaching. More information about this role can be found here – , and the quick and easy training can be done here –


Covid marshals need to be easily identified – how you do this is totally up to your club, but some ideas include using a high-viz vest (hung on the netpost if the marshal is a player), badges, stickers and posters to indicate who the marshal is on that day.


IT IS EACH CLUB’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that a covid marshal is present at all tennis activities at the club. From the HTA’s perspective, the only exception would be a night tennis match with only 10 people in attendance – this would be deemed to be a time of “low patronage” and would not require a marshal.


Please contact Tennis SA if you need any further information regarding your covid-safe plan or the implementing of your covid marshals at your sites.


Jo Casey, HTA President


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