Dec 052020

Below is the rule regarding cancellation of matches if the weather is wet. We hope you get through today!

Rule 11.2
Wet Weather – Abandoning Matches

All players are to attend their scheduled match. Supervisors/Captains may agree to abandon a match, provided it is later than half an hour (Juniors and Night Tennis) and one hour (Senior Saturday and Midweek Tennis) after the starting time.

Any team without all players present at match start time or with players leaving a match before the above times shall forfeit those sets and/or the match.

Supervisors/captains should use every endeavour to complete the match. No person can be forced to play on wet or slippery courts.  If Supervisors/captains disagree on abandoning a match, reports in writing, are to be lodged to the relevant Committee within three days of the match. 

Penalty: Forfeiture of sets by team without sufficient players

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