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The Spring season of night tennis came to a conclusion on 16 and 17 December and it wasn’t only the Xmas lights which were shining in Lobethal. The Lobethal Tennis Club hosted grand finals on Tuesday in Divisions 1 and 3 and were successful in both. Lobethal were also successful at Bridgewater where they defeated Piccadilly Circus to claim the Division 4 premiership.


Lobethal Aces defeated Piccadilly Serve Smash Cheers 3 sets – 28 games to 3 sets – 24 games to claim the Tuesday Division 1 title. It was pleasing to see Jack and Mary Young return to the night tennis scene and along with Mary and Eric Harrison Lobethal made a strong Division 1 competition even stronger.


The Tuesday Division 2 grand final at Bridgewater was won by Bridgewater Courtasones who defeated Mylor Bunyips. Anthony Morriss, Ross Wall, Angela Mullan and Christine Ward, along with John Norris lost only one match during the season.


Lobethal H.A.R.D. Hitters hosted Upper Sturt Hit N Miss in the Tuesday Division 3 grand final and were victorious 6 sets to zero. Newcomers Rex Burford, Ashley Clark and Danielle Helbers teamed with club stalwart Jill Pfitzner to make it a memorable night for Lobethal.


Lobethal Tuesday Tigers travelled to Bridgewater and defeated Piccadilly Circus 4 sets to 2 to win the Division 4 title. Regular supporters of the night tennis competition Marcel Smith, Wendy Rohrlach and Margy Seidel were complemented by Peter Young and Benjamin Koop to upset the minor premier and give Lobethal its third title of the night.


The Wednesday grand final was played at Stirling and won by the home team, Stirling KMA, who defeated regular grand finalist Echunga Hillbillies. Thomas Pope, Callum Morgan, Tarrant Hansen and Gabrielle and Vanessa Seymour were the dominant team throughout the season and were victorious 5 sets to 1 in the finale.


For queries or if you are interested in entering the next night tennis competition, please contact Roger 0417 417 333 or use the contact form on this website. Thank you.


Tues Div 1 Premiers Lobethal Aces

Tues Div 3 Premiers Lobethal H A R D HittersTues Div 4 Premiers Lobethal Tuesday Tigers



Tues Div 1 Premiers Lobethal Aces

Left to Right: Mary Harrison, Eric Harrison, Jack Young, Mary Young.


Tues Div 3 Premiers Lobethal H A R D Hitters

Left to Right: Rex Burford, Jill Pfitzner, Danielle Helbers, Ashley Clark.


Tues Div 4 Premiers Lobethal Tuesday Tigers

Back Row – Left to Right: Peter Young, Benjamin Koop.

Front Row – Left to Right: Marcel Smith, Wendy Rohrlach, Margy Seidel.

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