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Here are the Tournament draws and schedule of matches for Friday and part of Saturday (remember be there at least 15 mins before scheduled times), another update will be posted once results are entered after Fridays matches. Please remember all singles draws (except round robins) have a consolation draw for first round losers, which will be updated after play Friday with schedule and times. Read carefully across the draw to determine scheduled times, if in doubt e-mail or call me. We anticipated most finals being played Sunday, and have scheduled matches to achieve this if possible.  Anthony Klatt

pdf icon 10-Under-Girls-Singles.pdf
pdf icon 10-Under-Boys-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon 10-Under-Boys-Singles.pdf
pdf icon 10-Under-Girls-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon 12-Girls-Mixed-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon 12-Under-Boys-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon 12-Under-Boys-Singles.pdf
pdf icon 12-Under-Girls-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon 12-Under-Girls-Singles.pdf
pdf icon 14-Under-Boys-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon 14-Under-Boys-Singles-Group-A.pdf
pdf icon 14-Under-Boys-Singles-Group-B.pdf
pdf icon 14-Under-Girls-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon 14-Under-Girls-Singles.pdf
pdf icon 14-Under-MIxed-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon Open-Boys-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon Open-Boys-Singles.pdf
pdf icon Open-Girls-Doubles.pdf
pdf icon Open-Girls-Singles.pdf
pdf icon Open-Mixed-Doubles.pdf

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