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And what a Grand Final it was!!

Having same-format Grand Finals at the one venue this season meant more people present on the day and loads more excitement, suspense and celebration for teams involved. Mount Barker and Littlehampton clubs are to be commended on the fantastic job they did of hosting the Grand Finals – well catered, courts were sparkling and everything ran really smoothly – thanks to those clubs!

The HTA is an outstanding Association. The conduct of players and spectators during this year’s Senior Grand Finals is a testament to this and it is great to be a part of this wonderful community of tennis-loving people. Examples of true sportsmanship this year reinforced this. A stand-out example of this was where 2 trad teams had drawn at the end of the day. Because one player had left the venue (which ordinarily would have meant a forfeit in one of the doubles tiebreaks to be replayed and hence the losing of the match), the opposition coordinator chose to give this player the chance to return to play it out. He did return, and on this basis his team managed to win the Premiership by 1 point! (Yes that’s right – 1 point!)

Another team chose not to pursue the “late player” rule, which would have given them a draw in their match along with the opportunity to replay the doubles with a shot at gaining the Premiership. In the team’s words, they “didn’t want to win it that way” – very noble indeed!

Div 1 Men Premiers – Summertown

Sam Page, Michael Sandford, Daniel Grant, Sam Foreman, Dan Anderson

In an absolute nail-biting finish, after a marathon day, the Summertown boys managed to overcome season-long top-spot holders, Stirling Blue. Final scores: Summertown 3-7-70 def Stirling Blue 3-7-67. The atmosphere and excitement in that last singles match was incredible!

Div 1 Men Runners-up – Stirling Blue

Div 1 Men Runners-up comp

Rob Suter, Matt Major, Ian Campbell, Neil Sandercock Absent: Brad Wakefield, Adam Newman.

Div 1 Women Premiers – Hahndorf

Emily Nairn, Jessica Klatt, Hayley Edwards, Lija Pfeiler, Rebecca Smith

Emily Nairn, Jessica Klatt, Hayley Edwards, Lija Pfeiler, Rebecca Smith

Hahndorf Div 1 Women enjoyed a very dominant position all season, but were taken to the wire by a strong Stirling side. Hahndorf managed to come out victorious – 3-5-58 to 3-4-51. Outstanding Hahndorf Number 1 player, Hayley Edwards, had statistics of 100% singles and 92.3% doubles – losing only 1 rubber for the entire season! Great stuff Hayley!

Div 1 Women Runners-up – Stirling

Div 1 Women Runners-up

Louise Stranks, Jen Robinson, Niamh Grant, Clare Vorel

Div 1 Doubles Premiers – Uraidla

1 doubles premiers

Dene Willsmore, Chris Badenoch, Anne Hunter, Sara Manser, Deb O’Brien, Kathryn Bothe, David Gore, Heather Provan, Steve Thomas, Shane Virgo, Bill Filsell

Uraidla were keen to seek revenge from last year’s 2-game loss to long time rivals, Summertown. Their determination saw them come out on top 10-78 to 6-72. There were some very excited players at Mt Barker at the end of the day!

Div 2 Doubles Premiers -Aldgate

Div 2 Doubles Premiers

Peter Oswald, Corey Eyers, Kirsty Feijen, Bonnie Farries (obscured), Justin Nugent (rear),Tessa Longstaff, Craig McDonald, Jo Dennis, Greg Sparrow, Judy Baird

Meanwhile, in the Division 2 Doubles Grand Final, Aldgate claimed victory after quite a tussle with last season’s Premiers Echunga. Final scores for the day were Aldgate 9-78 to Echunga’s 7-71.

Div 2 Men premiers – Upper Sturt

Div 2 Men Premiers

Simon Mcrae, David Box, David Sandell, Darren Siwes Absent: Nick Seal

Upper Sturt came from a slow early-season start, but finished strong later in the season to take out the Div 2 Men’s Premiership, defeating a keen Stirling side 4-6-49 to 2-3-50 – notice the games results in that match!

Div 2 Women Premiers – Lobethal

Div 2 Women Premiers comp

Alison Green, Karin Barry, Di Farrell, Kelly Golding, Kristen Beltrame

After winning the Div 3 Premiership last season, 4 of these girls invited Alison Green to help them take on Div 2. They were certainly successful in that venture – dominating the division for the duration of the season. Lobethal defeated a determined, yet unsuccessful Littlehampton side 6-8-49 to 0-0-19. There’s no question about where these girls are headed next!

Div 3 Doubles Premiers – Verdun

Back: Jeremy Black, Helen Bach, Simon Ellis, Ann Malone, Jolonda Hazebroek, Helen Kramm Front: Peter Ellis, Alice Dolling, Loki Reef-McNicol

Back: Jeremy Black, Helen Bach, Simon Ellis, Ann Malone, Jolonda Hazebroek, Helen Kramm
Front: Peter Ellis, Alice Dolling, Loki Reef-McNicol

Verdun and Hahndorf had been tussling with fellow Club Ironbank Cherry Gardens for top spot all season. This was always going to be a well-contested final. The Hahndorf team were playing in honour of their former team-mate, friend and now sadly passed, Kate Tulk. Final scores saw Verdun come out victorious 11-75 to Hahndorf’s 5-51. Regardless of the loss, Kate would be very proud of her Hahndorf team.

Div 3 Men Premiers – Aldgate

Div 3 Men premiers comp

Stephen Pech, Steve Holmes, Paul May, Jason Whitwell

Aldgate proved too strong for the Littlehampton side, taking out the title 4-6-47 to 2-3-37.

Div 4 Men Premiers – Stirling

div 4 men premiers

Glen Michalski, Will Fryer, Josh Baker, Stefan Mundy

And finally – the edge of the seat final that blew everyone away! Stirling drew with Onkaparinga in the Div 4 Men’s match with both teams scoring 3-4-41. When the doubles were replayed, Onkaparinga’s top doubles won 7-5, while Stirling’s bottom doubles won 7-4 – giving Stirling the match by just 1 point! It just doesn’t get any closer than that.

Congratulations to all HTA teams – those that made the Grand Finals and those that came out every week during the season and gave it their best shot, but more importantly – ENJOYED THEMSELVES! Here’s to another great season, and hopefully you’ll all be back to do it all again next season!

Senior Activities Committee

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